If You Are 30 Years Old Or Above, You Need To Hear This! 

Are You Aware That Statistics Have Shown That High Blood Pressure Is The Number One Killer Health Condition In Nigeria Now And You May Even Have It Without Knowing?

Below is the account of Mr. Harry as he shares his ordeal in the hands of high blood pressure.

I have often believed that I could not possibly fall sick to a major sickness because I do not joke with my health. As a principal officer in one of the leading construction companies in the country, my income was more than enough to satisfy my whims and that of my family and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

One day, just a few weeks after my 43rd birthday, I felt a huge dizziness envelope me and my heartbeat raced painfully and dangerously within my chest. Before I knew what was happening, total darkness took over me and that was the last thing I knew before I passed out.

When I came to, I realized I was on the sick bed at our private hospital with the doctor smiling wanly at me. I could not talk much but managed to greet him and asked him few questions. Although the doctor answered mine questions, I felt I needed to know more. It was then the doctor took over the questioning session. 

Doctor: Do you observe any of these following signs or symptoms? ·        

Severe headache. ·        

Fatigue or confusion. ·        

Vision problems. ·        

Chest pain. ·        

Difficulty breathing. ·        

Irregular heartbeat. ·        

Blood in the urine. ·        

Pounding in your chest, neck, or ears.  

Mr. Harry: Well maybe not all of them but from time to time, I experience severe headache which I believe is a result of working for long hours in the sun and I also experience irregular heartbeat and pounding in my chest when I exert myself a little.

Doctor: (He adjusted his spectacles with his forefinger before proceeding). Well with the tests we have conducted on you, I believe you are hypertensive and the facts you just stated with your blood pressure numbers confirm that also.

The health condition of high blood pressure or hypertension as it is often also called can lead to other health complications like stroke or heart attack, heart failure, aneurysm where there are growths in the arteries which narrows them thereby inhibiting free flow of blood and putting more pressure on the heart, thickening and narrowing of arteries to the kidney and a host of other ones. Suffice it to say that death may occur when this condition is not taken care of immediately.

Mr. Harry: (In a shaky voice)…so…what will I do now? (Thoughts of losing and stopping projects I had going on, my wife and children and all the good things of life raced through my mind. No I can not afford to give in to hypertension)

Doctor: Well there are various options but we will look at the one that is most efficient and cost effective. You should not worry so much about this, there are patients who just like you came here and were diagnosed with the health condition but today have been totally cured of it.


I still remember the experience as if it were yesterday. In less than a month, my high blood pressure was totally reversed with the treatment I was given and I live now like I was 25 years old. I want to allay your fears if you have high blood pressure/hypertension or you have been experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above.  


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