Health And Fitness Issues For Men
With the architectural design of man, one would be right to say he was meant to last forever. Nature as so blessed him with every resource necessary to keep fired up and going in the face of behemoth challenges he is faced with. Unfortunately, this is not so as we have discovered that there are a number of health issues and challenges that affect man and when not properly attended to.
As he man moves along the shores of time, there is a general decline in his health and fitness. Some of the causes of this decline have been traced to the following;

Age – as man advances in age, strength in the muscles and bones is seen to drop. This affects a whole lot of other things as movement and general activity are tied to these parts of the body. Even at a point, it may become obvious that there is a drop in mental capability with advancement in age.

• Lifestyle – for various reasons, men indulge in different types of activities, careers, jobs and extra-curricular activities. The activity or non-activity you are part of will have an influence on your health and fitness at some point in your life. Men who for example lead sedentary lives are likely not be health and fit compared to men that lead active lives.

• Choice of Food/Drink – what you eat or drink makes you and the earlier you know this, the better. You cannot afford to stuff your guts with just about anything that comes your way. Your body has its requirement of what it needs for survival and nourishment but when loads of toxins are passed into the body through careless feeding, there comes health and fitness issues.

• Anxiety – the brain is the processing unit of the entire body. While it is harmless to exercise the brain and engage it in creative thoughts, it should not be overworked or else; this will bear down heavily on health.

• Lack of Exercise – moderate exercises on a daily basis is good for the body. Your schedule should not be too busy for you to slip in some beneficial exercises that will help you tone up your muscles and keep you healthy and fit.

The physiological makeup of man allows signals to be sent to him when he is failing in his responsibility to take good care of his health. The onus is therefore on you to understand these signals and take the necessary steps before it becomes too late. When man ignores these signals, the following are some of the most observed health issues that occur;

• Obesity – it is so easy to become obese these days because there are lots of junk foods passed around. If you are too busy to get decent meals, you do not watch your caloric intake or you do not burn off enough of these calories through exercises, you are going to add unnecessary extra pounds of flesh.

• Circulatory System Diseases – there are series of diseases of the circulatory system that affect men especially their hearts when they are not watchful enough of their health. Among the top suspects are high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and heart attack.

• Diabetes – when there is too much or too little sugar in the blood, it becomes a serious health challenge. The consequences of these are life-threatening and the best thing to do is to avoid it all together. Careless drinking and eating have been fingered as the major causes of this health issue in men.

• Declining Libido – fulfilling matrimonial vows in terms of conjugal responsibilities has become serious problem for some men. Overtime, they seem to have lost the desire to fulfill this responsibility leading havoc in their homes. There may be infertility all-together in such men and unless they seek for help, there could be dire consequences.

It is possible you are affected by one or more of these health issues as they are so common these days only some lucky few men are not affected. The good news is, for the most part these are health challenges that have remedy most of which come from natural ingredients that we have been blessed with by Mother-Nature. Of course when you can read the caution sign, you will be able to avoid any of these health challenges but if you are sufferer of any of them, you will only need to do due diligence and have the situation reversed or corrected.

Ignorance is not an excuse for ill-health especially when it is life-threatening. It is with this in mind that we have come up with this newsletter where health and fitness issues will be discussed and solutions proffered either by simply making adjustments in lifestyle or through the purchase of inexpensive but highly effective natural products that have been vetted by medical experts.

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• …And lots more.

Though man was built for toughness, apparently he needs to make sure on his part that he takes care of his body in a number of different ways to avoid ill-health. Understanding your body is therefore a must as it is peculiar to you and you are about the only person that can understand it better than anyone else.

Remember that your health is very pivotal to the success of whatever you are doing or plan to do. This is the reason you cannot afford to trivialize anything that pertains to your health. Join over three thousand men who are already subscribed and share from the wealth of experience of others by simply entering your best details in the form at the top right hand corner of this page or follow this link –

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