Health And Fitness For Women
Women are delicate and like precious items, their body needs special care and attention in a number of ways. This is borne out of the fact that the body of a woman is intricately designed and failure to nurture it can result into a lot of health issues.
Of course women can also be tough and resilient like men but even at that they are asserted to be the weaker sex. From the anatomy to the physiology of women, they are so different from men so much so that not long after birth, they are treated differently. If however the right attention or care is not given to a woman, there will certainly be health issues emanating from this. In time, women may turn out as being less active or fit due to a number of reasons which include the following;

• Age – advancement in age causes general weakness in the bones and muscles of a woman’s body. Age also makes more visible, lines and wrinkles on the face as well as other parts of the body causing a diminishing effect on beauty. Menopause is another period that comes in the life of a woman when she can no longer bear children because of some physiological changes that have taken place in her.

• Lifestyle – the kind of lifestyle you choose as a woman will go a long way to tell whether you will remain healthy and fit or not. Women who throw caution to the wind and care less about the way they live their lives may have themselves to blame later in life. Women generally ought to be mindful of what they eat and drink and what amount of time they spend on each of the activities they engage in daily.

• Anxiety – when you are overtaken by your worries, there is the tendency to age faster than you should. Of course there are clinically mastered methods for slowing down the aging process but even at that it is better to worry less as not doing so can lead to a lot of complications that can affect your health and physical fitness.

• Childbearing – while women celebrate motherhood the world over, the wear and tear of child bearing are soon evident in women in a number of ways. First off, fat is deposited around the belly and thighs which adds to the weight and usually, women also tend to lose some elasticity in the flesh in some parts of the body making the body less appealing altogether. From pregnancy to breastfeeding and weaning their babies, women usually lose part of their sex appeal due to flabbiness observed in their flesh.

• Choice of Food – when you are not bothered about the type of drink or food you consume, you are simply beckoning on trouble. The body of a woman like that of a man will process whatever it is fed with and when there is too much toxin in what is consumed, the body could be affected in a number of ways. Serious damage could be done to the kidney due to poor choices of food.

• Lack of Exercise – little exercises here and there are particularly good for women so as to keep their body firm and toned up. Different types of exercises are suggested for different purposes. For example, exercises suggested for pregnant women are different from those suggested for teenagers or women who are trying to regain their body shape after child delivery. It is so unfortunate that most women hardly consider this as important or are too busy to slip in one or two exercises in their daily routine.
A series of health and fitness issues are known to plague women who are not careful enough about their health. When necessary steps are not taken, these issues are known to have been responsible for the deaths of several thousands of women across all ages. Where death does not occur, some of these issues have left indelible marks forever. The following are some of the health and fitness issues women often have to battle with;

• Fibroid – this is one issue that has led to the death of thousands of women. It begins with the amassing of benign tissue in the womb until the fallopian tube is eventually blocked and conception becomes difficult. Haemorrhage leading to huge loss of blood and eventual death are known to be symptoms of this health issue. Surgical operations are often employed for the removal of the unhealthy growth. Apart from the cost, the operation may not be successful and further complications may arise as a result. Natural means of fibroid removal have however been identified.

• Obesity – becoming overweight is an issue that many women grapple with these days. Women can become obese for a number of reasons. Where adequate care is not given to the caloric intake, there tends to the accumulation of fat in the body. Women are more easily overcome by worries, marital conflicts and even the most mundane of matters. These women react differently to these issues and one of the ways they do is by becoming obese creating a situation they can hardly control themselves. As a result of being obese, other health complications begin to arise.

• Circulatory System Diseases –
there are series of diseases that may affect the circulatory system in a woman and each of these could be life-threatening. This is the reason why you need to take note of signs that you are given by your important organs like the heart, liver or the kidneys that work to form part of this system. Health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart attack are common among women that are careful enough about their health.

• Infertility – some women have erroneously concluded that there is nothing they can do when they are unable to conceive and have babies. When it is very true that God is the ultimate architecture who designs the fates of humans, it is equally true that He has provided enough with us in nature and knowledge to correct situations to our favour. Many homes have been broken as a result of infertility experienced by women. The frustration that follows has thrown some women into their early graves.

It is best health issues that affect us are prevented from happening but when it becomes apparent that these health and fitness challenges are affecting us one way or the other, the best thing to do is to find the right solution that will put paid to the challenges.

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